Of Course He’s Lying – That’s What He Does
Bill Quick

WASHINGTON: Obama calls for significant changes to phone surveillance program | Washington Watch | McClatchy DC

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will announce Friday that he will significantly rein in a contentious federal program that collects millions of Americans’ phone records by requiring court approval each time the data is examined and eventually halting the government’s storage of the information, according to a White House official.

Given Obama’s propensity for serial pathological lying, I can’t help but assume that no matter what he announces for public consumption, behind the scenes where the NSA lives, nothing will actually change.

UPDATE:  Hot Gas agrees: 

Open thread: President to announce “major reforms” of NSA « Hot Air

That’s less of a reform than it is a tweak, and Obama may speak for quite a while on his love of civil liberties to distract people from that fact.

Bill Quick

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Of Course He’s Lying – That’s What He Does — 1 Comment

  1. Regardless of Oliar’s demonstrated (lack of) honesty, the chief of the NSA has been lying, the official spokesman of the NSA has been lying, IIRC the chief counsel of the NSA has been lying, various FBI and state police and BATF people have been lying…

    It doesn’t matter what directives the Prez gives. All signs point to all government law enforcement and information-gathering agencies continuing to do whatever they want while lying about it.