Surprise! Clinton Flack Says Benghazi Won’t Affect Clinton 2016 Run
Bill Quick

Clinton aide: Benghazi and 2016 aren’t linked | TheHill

“What she was saying was, once it happened, it happened,” he said. “Four Americans were killed, that is what is most important to figure out — what happened and how to prevent it. Not to continue to harp on the political benefits of looking at what was said by who at what time, because those questions have been answered.”

He said, on his knees, his hands clasped in prayer to Karl Marx and the rest of the Democrat religious pantheon.

Bill Quick

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Surprise! Clinton Flack Says Benghazi Won’t Affect Clinton 2016 Run — 1 Comment

  1. No, what Hillary offered with her “what difference does it make?” was a strawman dilemma: either it was caused by an anti-muslim video (which no one in Libya had seen), or it was just some local yahoos who decided to shoot up the U.S. consulate. I still believe it was a carefully planned Muslim Brotherhood plot to kidnap Amb. Stevens and arrange a trade for the blind sheik. The video was the false flag cover for the operation, which is the reason Obama et al stuck with the story for weeks – it was all they had besides the truth.