Dan Rather Is Still a Leftist Scumbag
Bill Quick

Dan Rather Defends Fox News from Allegations of Being GOP ‘Propaganda Machine’ | Mediaite

Rather said he understands such accusations, but believes they “go too far.” He added that he believes Ailes likely sees himself as still a part of the Republican Party, but that doesn’t mean the entire network is part of it, including some of “the pros there that are pretty good.”

“I’ll say this about [Ailes]: He is a very good businessman, he’s very smart about television, and he built a network when I, for one, wasn’t at all sure he could do so,” Rather continued.

“And has he used it to benefit the Republican Party? Yes. The record is very clear on that. But is it a sole operative and propaganda machine for the party? I’d have to stop short of that.”

In other words, Fox may be diddling that little girl, but it isn’t actually penetrating her.

Thanks a lot, you senile, corrupt pantload.

Bill Quick

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