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Again, it wasn’t supposed to be like this. President Obama’s election was supposed to be the start of a “new New Deal.” With unstoppable majorities in both the House and Senate, Obama would lift the curtain on a new progressive era where our faith in government would be restored. Now, according to Gallup, the American people consider government itself to be the No. 1 problem facing the country.

Liberals are still convinced that their vision is what America wants and needs and that Obama is the right man to give it to us. Assuming Republicans don’t immolate themselves — always a possibility — that vision will receive yet another massive rebuke in November. The interesting question then will be whether liberals question the soundness of their faith or insist that the fault lies entirely with the false prophet who failed to deliver them to the Promised Land.

It’s always a little tough to parse Jonah Goldberg, who is, while sometimes restive, generally a good soldier for the Gentry GOP.

Which is what makes me wonder exactly what he means when he says, “If the Republicans don’t immolate themselves – always a possibility.”

Which Republicans is he talking about here?  The Tea Partiers, who gave the GOP the massive 2010 victory he mentions earlier?  Or the Establishment Republicans, exemplified by John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove, John McCain, Mitt Romney, much of NRO itself, and all the rest pushing scamnesty down our throats and waging war on the Tea Party movement and conservatism itself?

My hunch – and I like Jonah – is that he leans in the direction of believing that it will be the Tea Party’s fault if the GOP blows the 2014 mid-terms, because the Tea Party did not submit to the desires of the Establishment without protest, and hence “provoked” a destructive internecine war between the wing of the party that hasn’t enjoyed a convincing national victory since the first George Bush, and the wing that has brought them every substantial victory since.

So who is the real destroyer here?  Conservatives trying to take back their government from the statists, or the entrenched lackeys of crony capitalist special interests who couldn’t care less about the United States, conservatism, or basic constitutional principles?  Or those whose primary concern is their own power and status in the craphole on the Potomac?

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