Hacker’s Dream, Insurance Nightmare
Bill Quick

World’s greatest hacker blasts ‘shameful’ Healthcare.gov for its ‘minimal, if any’ security protections | Mail Online

A man who was once the FBI’s most wanted hacker says Healthcare.gov is a cybercriminal’s dream.

Kevin Mitnick has been a legend in the hacking world since his 1990s heydays, but he’s now playing for the good guys and sent a dire message to a congressional security panel on the ObamaCare website on Thursday.

‘It’s shameful the team that built the Healthcare.gov site implemented minimal, if any, security best practices,’ he wrote in a letter submitted to panel chairman Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican.

I keep telling you: ┬áIt’s a tossup which gang of thugs – IRS, NSA, or Russian hackers – you’re giving all your sensitive information to when you sign up at the Obamacare website.

Probably all of them.

Bill Quick

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