Hey, Let’s Get More Potential Dropouts Into College!
Bill Quick

Chicago college leaders to join Obama in campaign to lure low-income students – chicagotribune.com

WASHINGTON — More than 80 presidents of colleges and universities will gather with President Barack Obama at the White House Thursday as the administration kicks off a campaign to encourage low-income students to attend college.

What could possibly go wrong?  This: 

The Miserable Odds of a Poor Student Graduating From College (in 2 Graphs) – Jordan Weissmann – The Atlantic

But graduation rates are perhaps even more appalling. Just 9 percent of students from the poorest families complete a degree — meaning less than a third who ever enroll make it to commencement.

The theory Obama is pushing seems to be similar to the notion that a company losing money on every sale can make up the difference by increasing the sales volume.

But then, Obama doesn’t really get that math stuff very well.

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