Proper Etiquette For Answering Your Door In a Bad Neighborhood
Bill Quick

Stop me if you heard this one. Three guys try to rob an old man who has a .357… « Hot Air

Today’s story comes to us from up near my neck of the woods, over the border in New Milford Township, Pennsylvania. A retired homeowner in the rural district, 69 year old David Braman, was home alone when heard a knock at the door. It turned out to be someone claiming to have run into some car trouble and needing assistance, but living in that neck of the (literal) woods, Mr. Braman took some precautions when answering the door. We join our story in progress.

I favor answering the door with a .357 in my hand myself.  Although after dark I generally check the door from a second floor window with a Remington  870 pump shotgun first.

Bill Quick

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