Weeping For the Fat Boy
Bill Quick

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Christie had burned a lot of political bridges with conservatives well before his staff blocked one in real life. True to the Acela Republican’s way, Christie is much better known for his fights, conflicts, and criticism of the GOP than for his leadership against the Democratic Party. He’s quick off the mark to insult John Boehner or Rand Paul, but less so on Democrats like Barack Obama or his friend across the Hudson, Andrew Cuomo.

Will Chris Christie survive Bridgegate? Most likely. Will he be the Republican nominee? It was unlikely before the bridge scandal. And last time I checked, the Acela doesn’t stop at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In his Morning Jolt today, Jim Geraghty reports:

How Pop Culture Is Attempting to Rapidly Redefine Chris Christie

This week Bruce Springsteen appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show to sing a song mocking “Chris Christie’s New Jersey Traffic Jam.” John Podhoretz notes Chris Christie is now being redefined in the public’s eye through culture, not politics:

I’m not sure if Jim wants us to feel sorry for Krispy Kreme, but if so, it’s not working with me.  I’m enjoying the travails of Fat Boy and His Thugs.  He makes it plain he doesn’t like people like me, and I return the favor ten-fold.  He made his massive, sweaty bed.  Now let him lie in it.

I’ll give him just as much support as he gives to me.  That is to say, none.  

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