No, There Really Aren’t 32 GOP Candidates for President
Bill Quick

GOP mulls 32 candidates for president in 2016–so far |

If you thought the 13-candidate clogged 2012 Republican presidential primaries were too crowded and confusing, then you might want to skip the 2016 process — because the Republican Party is suggesting that 32 might be interested in running.

All bullshit, of course.  Cruz is viable.  Rand Paul might be.  Rubio is cooked.  Christie might be cooked, but will probably end up running anyway.  Huckabee is just blusterinig.  Jeb Bush is still too toxic.  Scott Walker is a possibility, but Christie will probably elbow him out of the way.  Sarah Palin well never again run for national office.  And all the rest on the list are also-rans.

Bill Quick

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