Another Propaganda Fail for the MSM Gun Grabbers
Bill Quick

Retired cop guns down man for texting at Florida movie: sheriff – U.S. News

Another headline that is nothing but a flat lie:

Reeves and his wife were sitting behind the Oulsons as the preview trailers were rolling just before the showing of “Lone Survivor,” the Mark Wahlberg movie about a failed 2007 Navy Seal raid in Afghanistan, investigators said.

Reeves asked Chad Oulson several times to stop, to no avail, Nocco said. He then left the theater to complain to the theater’s management before returning to his seat, the sheriff said. Upon his return, “Chad Oulson then starts confronting him verbally, starts saying: ‘Oh, did you go in there and start complaining on me? Did you tell the staff about me?’” Nocco said.

“This verbal altercation starts getting louder and louder. During this altercation, it goes from a verbal to a physical altercation,” he said. Then, “the suspect, Curtis Reeves, pulled out a gun,” Nocco said. Only one shot was fired, Nocco said. Nichole Oulson was wounded in the hand when she grabbed her husband as Reeves pulled the trigger, he said.

Oulson was not “gunned down for texting.” ┬áHe was shot once after escalating a confrontation in which Reeves had behaved properly in reporting him to management and then, when Reeves returned to his seat, pushed the conflict from the verbal to the physical. ┬áReeves, 71, was probably right to fear for his life in that situation – and despite all the blabbering about the evils of concealed carry, he may well beat this charge entirely on simple grounds of self-defense, or, even better, under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

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