Ass-Backwards, As Usual
Bill Quick

Atheist Afghan man granted asylum in UK to protect him from ‘religious’ persecution – Telegraph

A young Afghan man who became an atheist after coming to Britain has been granted asylum on the grounds that the threat to his life for having no faith would amount to “religious” persecution. In what is thought to be the first case of its kind in the UK, the Home Office accepted that sending the man back to his country of birth could put him in danger specifically because of his lack of religious beliefs.

Well, the whackjob SoCons who like to masturbate themselves to the notion that atheism is somehow a “religion” will find this a perfectly reasonable proposition.

In fact, the guy is being granted asylum because Muslims murder those they consider to be apostates.  It doesn’t matter if he left Islam to become an atheist or a Holy Roller Baptist.  The penalty is the same, and his life would be in danger either way.

Bill Quick

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