Nordlinger, Christie, NRO: I Say It’s All RINO Crap, and I Say It Stinks
Bill Quick

The Christie Question | National Review Online

Earlier this week, there was a spring in conservatives’ step. That was because Chris Christie was in deep doo-doo. His career seemed to be imploding, over Bridgegate. Conservatives hadn’t been so happy since the Obamacare rollout (which wasn’t that long ago). The end of Christie’s career would not be a good thing — for New Jersey, for the Republican party, for conservatism, or for the country. He is a valuable conservative, one of the most talented politicians in America.

No, he’s not.

We are lucky to have him on our side — general side.

No, we aren’t.  And let me add that Jay Nordlinger, the author of this Krispy Kreme RINO tongue-bath, is a perfect example of why I don’t much visit the NRO site any more.

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