That Might Be the Case If the GOP Were the Party of Limited Government – But It Isn’t
Bill Quick

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I MENTIONED THIS IN PASSING YESTERDAY, BUT REPUBLICANS really should get behind abolishing the national drinking age.

Republicans are supposed to stand for limited government, freedom and federalism, but it was under a Republican administration—and a Republican transportation secretary, Elizabeth Dole—that states were forced to raise their age limits or face financial penalties. That was before the tea party, though. Perhaps today, when Republican leaders across the board are singing the praises of limited government, it is time for them to put their money where their mouths are and support an end to the federal drinking-age mandate.

Well, you’d think so if the GOP were really the party of limited government. But the large SoCon wing of the party is anything but. It just wants to take control of government so it can force you to live the way it wants you to. Add in the Compassionate Big Government Conservatives, and the perpetually statist Gentry GOP, and you really can’t call the GOP a party of limited government at all. Not if you’re honest about it.

Bill Quick

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