Another Slave Movie Wins an Award – What a Surprise!
Bill Quick

Golden Globes 2014: ’12 Years,’ ‘Hustle,’ Blanchett among top winners –

“12 Years a Slave” went into the 71st Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night with seven nominations but was passed over again and again. That is, until the last award of the evening, and arguably the best of them all. The harrowing portrayal of slavery in America took home the prize for best drama of 2013.

Frankly, I’m tired of this stock sort of slave drama.  It’s always about the United States, as if slavery never existed elsewhere, or doesn’t exist all over the world today.

And these movies are always intended to pluck the strings of two demographics – guilty whites and entitled blacks.  The truth is, nobody alive today had anything to do with slavery.  And not many alive in America today had anything to do with Jim Crow.  Yet the America-hating leftists who run the movie business are always willing to drag another of these potboilers to the screens, to advance their own ancient agendas, while explaining away black failures and white “racism” as being as relevant today as they were on the plantations of the antebellum South.

The truth is that a black plantation does exist today – it’s called the Democrat Party.  But Hollywood is never, ever going to make an honest movie about that.


Bill Quick

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