Press Treatment of Christie? Of Course It’s Unfair. So What?
Bill Quick

Why Bridgegate made headlines but Obama’s IRS scandal didn’t | New York Post

And yet, you know what is also something everybody would find “relatable”? Politicians who sic the tax man on others for political gain. Everybody has to deal with the IRS and fears it. Last year, we learned from the Internal Revenue Service itself that it had targeted ideological opponents of the president for special scrutiny and investigation — because they were ideological opponents.

That’s juicy, just as Bridgegate is juicy. It’s something we can all understand, it speaks to our greatest fears, and it’s the sort of thing TV newspeople could gab about for days on end without needing a fresh piece of news to keep it going. And yet, according to Scott Whitlock of the Media Research Center, “In less than 24 hours, the three networks have devoted 17 times more coverage to a traffic scandal involving Chris Christie than they’ve allowed in the last six months to Barack Obama’s Internal Revenue Service controversy.”

Yeah, yeah, but I’m not going to join in the chorus that what’s happening to Christie is “unfair.”  Of course it is.  And of course it is entirely to be expected.

Only gullible “centrist, moderate” Democrats in GOP clothing think that the leftwing media’s praise for them whenever they do the work of the left means that they will pass on a chance to destroy any politician with an “R” after his name when the chips are down.  Just as the same leftist trash pretending to be journalists will always tip the scales and slant the coverage to protect any pol with a “D” after his name.

If Christie is dumb enough to think that the Obamedia will go easy on him because of his bipartisan politics, he’s too stupid to be a Governor, let alone President.

Bill Quick

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