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Bill Quick

The Wait Continues for Safe Tap Water in West Virginia –

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — As hundreds of thousands of residents faced a third day without water because of a chemical spill in a local river, a water company executive said on Saturday that it could be days before it was safe for them to drink tap water again. Jeff McIntyre, president of West Virginia American Water, said that officials had set up four labs to test the amount of chemical in the water, but that it might take days to provide enough samples to determine whether the water was safe.

I’ve been watching TV snippets of outraged folks who have to go to FEMA pickup points to get water.  I just shake my head.  Do people think even ten minutes ahead any more?

See, I have one of these:

Berkey® Water Purifiers

The bottom line is that if I can get the water into the top of the filter, it’s going to come out perfectly clean at the bottom.  Yes, they are available at Amazon:

Berkey Light Water Filter System with 2 Black Berkey Filters

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  1. I built my own for much less than the cost of a Berkey. I bought two ceramic filters and mounted them and the spigot in two plastic buckets per the instructions. I cut the bottom off another bucket, taller than the filters, generously perforated it, and placed it over the filters for their protection. I then put in layers of 6″ pea gravel, 6″ diatomaceous earth, 8″ activated charcoal, 6″ diatomaceous earth, and 6″ pea gravel, all layers separated by pieces of white cotton sheeting to assist in disassembly and cleaning. The diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal can be obtained from a pool supply company. This setup produces about 2 gallons filtered water in about 1-1/2 hrs.

    I also recommend chlorinating the filtered water. The normal recommendation is 16 drops of plain chlorine bleach per gallon. I prefer 68% Calcium Hypochlorite Pool Shock: mix a solution of 1/4 tsp./cup of water; add 1 tsp. solution/gal. of filtered water; mix thoroughly and let sit for 30+ mins. (contact time). Chlorine bleach breaks down, while Pool Shock lasts forever in dry form.

    Tho I haven’t done any water tests, I suspect the water produced is as good or better than other systems. The diatomaceous eath and charcoal remove VOCs, pesticides, etc. which a ceramic filter won’t. The pre-filtering increases the time between cleaning the ceramic filters.

    • JD, I’ve got those plans posted over at I still prefer the Berkeys. I personally spoke with the guys who sell those ceramic filters, and I actually have a couple of sets stored away in pre-cut five gallon bucket. But the Berkeys are the only filters that offer lab evidence of their efficacy.

      I’ve got ten pounds of pool shock stashed, too. It’s nasty stuff to work with, but it will disinfect water just fine. Won’t do anything about chemicals, though.