Making the Greens Sour

Hey, Bill, ISTR you hating on the poor, innocent rhubarb. Well, get a taste of this:

‘Rhubarb’ Battery Could Store Energy of Future

A molecule nearly identical to one in rhubarb may hold the key to the future of renewable energy. Researchers have used the compound to create a high-performance “flow” battery, a leading contender for storing renewable power in the electric utility grid.

Of course, the greens in rhubarb shouldn’t be eaten (except by Greens). Nevertheless, if this pans out, it’s likely to turn Greens green. They don’t want cheap energy for the masses. They want the masses to die.


Making the Greens Sour — 6 Comments

    • It’s funny how tastes differ, pun intended or not, depending on taste. I don’t like sweets (with the dubious exception of chocolate; no question about whether I like it, but chocolate isn’t sweet, it’s chocolate) and prefer sours. Last summer I was quite happy with a big bowl of chopped rhubarb and sliced strawberries at lunch. (I’ll admit that my coworkers who recognized the rhubarb were horrified.) My wife and one son, both Chinese, find grapefruit inedibly bitter, whereas I find it pleasantly tart if a little on the sweet side.

      • Yes, my own family thinks I’m insane. Their favorite trick when I was little was to put a nice slice of strawberry (which I liked) rhubarb pie on my plate, assure me it was strawberry pie, and then watch my face as I realized what I was chewing.

        It’s not that I don’t like bitter things – I prefer my chocolate unsweetened, like all sorts of vinegars, and so on. It’s just rhubarb I can’t stand.

        As for you, Haverwilde – how could you tell you’d pissed on it? I can’t imagine that would make any difference to the taste.

  1. Rhubarb, a staple of my childhood.
    It makes a tasty wine (okay it’s a sugar wine with rhubarb flavor and color)
    It was a favorite snack in my pre-teen years.
    You can rip off a long thread of the stem, swallow it, and pull it back up to gross out the girls in the neighborhood.
    Only once did I eat some that tasted really odd—then I remembered I had peed on the plant the week before.