How About We Fight Al-Qaeda’s Bosses Instead?
Bill Quick

How the U.S. can help Iraq in its fight against al-Qaeda – The Washington Post

Iraq is once again at a crisis point. Given the sacrifices the United States, coalition partners and so many Iraqis made to bring the country back from the precipice of 2006, it is more than unsettling to see a third battle of Fallujah unfolding. But rather than point fingers and assign fault for this foreseeable threat, the focus needs to be on how to best move forward.

Exactly ass-backwards.  The best way to fight al-Qaeda in Iraq is to fight al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, because that is where al-Qaeda gets its men, money, arms, protection, and everything else it needs to remain a going concern.

You can’t go too far wrong if, whenever you hear the term “al-Qaeda,” you think “Saudi Arabia.”

Bill Quick

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