Time to Bring Down the Gentry GOP
Bill Quick

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The Chamber of Commerce, the liberal Main Street Partnership and the campaign arms of the Republican Leaders are targeting small government, free marketers for defeat. Conservative, tea party-affiliated candidates risk dismantling the Washington status quo. That puts lobbyist income in jeopardy. A Republican Party that confuses supporting big business with supporting the free market wants to silence the voices of those who are not confused.

The question, then, is on which side will Republican voters stand — with Bevin, McDaniels, Wolf and the conservatives or with the status quo. This author has endorsed these challengers and stands against the status quo.

My default position is to vote for any conservative running against a member of the Gentry GOP.  I do reserve the right to withdraw my support from supposed conservatives who betray conservative principles, as Marco Rubio did, but otherwise, I’m all in.  The Gentry GOP must be destroyed if the party is to survive

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Bill Quick

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I am a small-l libertarian. My primary concern is to increase individual liberty as much as possible in the face of statist efforts to restrict it from both the right and the left. If I had to sum up my beliefs as concisely as possible, I would say, "Stay out of my wallet and my bedroom," "your liberty stops at my nose," and "don't tread on me." I will believe that things are taking a turn for the better in America when married gays are able to, and do, maintain large arsenals of automatic weapons, and tax collectors are, and do, not.


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