Those Democrat Votes “Against” Obamacare? A Scam for the Gullible, Nothing More
Bill Quick

House Democrats break ranks with the White House on ObamaCare vote | TheHill

Dozens of House Democrats broke ranks with President Obama on Friday to support legislation that would require people to be notified of security breaches under ObamaCare. The House passed the Health Exchange Security and Transparency Act, H.R. 3811, in a 291-122 vote. Sixty-seven Democrats voted for the bill, ignoring arguments from party leaders that the bill was a “messaging” vote meant to discourage people from signing up for insurance.

You’re going to see this happen more often now, as panicked Dems thrash around trying to find an out from the anti-Obamacare, anti-Democrat wave they see coming in the fall.

The way it works is simple: Lots of Democrats will now start voting against Obamacare on these single-issue test votes, because President Single-Payer has assured them he’ll veto anything that reaches his desk (he’s a lame duck, remember?), so they can have their cake – a vote or several votes against Obamacare to take back home to their voters – along with eating it, too – because Obama will make sure those votes are meaningless except as a campaign tool.

A real test would be to see if these Democrats cross the aisle to vote with the GOP to override a Presidential veto of one of these bills.

Bill Quick

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