The Self-Fulfilling Death of Obamacare and the Democrat Party
Bill Quick

Blue Cross Blue Shield: If Republicans kill a bailout for insurers under ObamaCare, it’ll lead to single-payer « Hot Air

Exit question via Bob Laszewski: What happens when the “risk corridor” expires in 2017? Exit answer: Maybe nothing. By that point, U.S. health insurance will be so dominated by the exchanges and the penalty for not complying with the mandate will be so steep that you’ll have no choice but to sign up and pay what they want.

If that happens, huge GOP wave elections in 2016 will sweep Republicans into near-veto-proof majorities in both houses of Congress, and put a conservative Republican like Ted Cruz, pledged to repeal Obamacare, into the White House.

And they will repeal the whole thing.

I said from the beginning that Obama would destroy the Democrat party for a generation. I’m becoming even more convinced he is going to do exactly that.

Bill Quick

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