Jebus Jumped Up Christie on a Pogo Stick!
Bill Quick

Why Chris Christie’s presidential ambitions could be swimming with the fishes – Telegraph Blogs

But right now, it’s hard to see many Republicans wanting Christie out on the stump with them now, and difficult to see how Christie can switch off the drip-feed of stories that his Democrat opponents will do everything in their power to highlight.

It’s premature to write Christie off completely, but today’s performance – all two hours of it – deepens questions over whether that Noo Joisy style of his won’t get old. And fast.

Look.  Supposedly the Democrats fear Christie as the most potent candidate the GOP can field agaiinst Hillary.  If that is actually true (I’m dubious), then they’ll do everything in their power to knock him down.  Tea Party-style conservatives already loathe the man, so no help for him from them – in fact, they’ll probably hold the Dems’s coats while they pound the big guy to a pulp.

And even his RINO buddies like Lindsey Graham are turning on him.

I think he’s cooked in the end.   And that doesn’t bother me one little bit, frankly.

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Bill Quick

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