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March of the phablets – Apple and others expected to push the tablet wannabes in 2014 | TabTimes

“In the U.S. people knocked the phablet idea because they thought it was ridiculous to hold a large phone to your face, but they’re missing the point,” said O’Donnnell. “A lot of people, particularly the younger generation, only occasionally use these devices to make phone calls. Research shows over 80% of the use is for non-voice applications like texting and apps.”

Yes, as I’ve been saying over and over.  I rarely use my phone to make phone calls.  I use it for email, web browsing, music, videos, and texting – which is the form most of my communications take.

When I picked up my little Nokia 520 windows phone, I figured out that I could handle all my phone calling needs with a 1000 minute package at an annual cost of $100 – 8 bucks a month.  And I would have minutes left over at the end of the year.  I can also supplement that with the built-in Skype, whenever I’m in wifi range.  

The notion that I will pay fifty or sixty bucks a month from here on out (I have such a plan on my Galaxy Note II, and I’m stuck with it for the moment) is nuts.  I won’t, because I don’t need it.

A lot of the squawking about “gigantic phones” has been coming from Apple fanbois who are stuck in the mindset that if Apple doesn’t make it, then nobody should want it.  They’ll change their tune on a dime as soon as Cupertino decides to let them buy a gadget with bigger screen .

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  1. They’ll change their tune on a dime as soon as Cupertino decides to let them buy…

    I remember the Mac phanbois’ denegration of the Amiga in the 1980s, when Macs were black and white and, dammit, that’s what you should have in a productivity environment. Amiga’s 4096 colors were interesting, maybe, but useless.

    … Until color Macs came out, with 32k colors or something, at which point Amigas became pathetic because they had such a limited palette, and you really need all those colors in a productivity environment.

    Steve Jobs may well have been the most colossal douchebag ever to walk the earth, but I tell ya, he nailed the marketing vibe for the pretentious douchebag demographic.

  2. They’ll change their tune on a dime as soon as Cupertino decides to let them buy a gadget with bigger screen .

    Why am I reminded of American communists and progressives (but I repeat myself) protesting our entry in WWII? Up until Hitler attacked the USSR, of course.