Christie Not Crucified – Yet
Bill Quick

Christie on “Bridgegate”: I knew nothing. Have I mentioned I knew nothing? « Hot Air

Obama said the same thing about the IRS targeting tea partiers, of course. To which conservatives replied: That’s no excuse. Even if he didn’t order the targeting, bad behavior coordinated by multiple subordinates typically doesn’t happen unless they have reason to believe it’ll be tolerated up the chain. Usually, when they play dirty, they’re taking some sort of cue from their boss to do so, whether in broad ideological terms or direct marching orders. Does the same reasoning apply to Team Christie?

My guess is that Christie will slide on this one.  A smoking gun probably doesn’t exist, and even if it does, it will be extremely difficult to find and expose in an effective way.

I’d like to see this guy’s Presidential aspirations permanently derailed, but I doubt this will be the mechanism that does it.

I do, however, predict that there are worse skeletons rattling around in Christie’s closets, and we” start to hear about them in about two years.

Bill Quick

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