Desk-Biking? Thanks, But No Thanks
Bill Quick

The Electricity-Generating Bicycle Desk That Would Power the World – James Hamblin – The Atlantic

Does one of your colleagues have a standing desk? Maybe even a treadmill desk? Do they talk about how it’s adding years to their life, enhancing both productivity and the richness and clarity if their skin? Do they ask you about how uncomfortable it must be to sit all day? You want to wipe the smug superiority off their face once and for all? But not in a violent way. Too much at stake. This time it can’t be violent.

I ride a bike almost every day, and I do so because it’s the only form of aerobic exercise I know of that doesn’t either bore me blind, destroy my knees and achilles tendons, or both.

But this combination strikes as a the worst of both words.  It’s hard to bike and work at the same time, and desk-working  while riding would defeat the whole attraction of cycling – for me, at least.

Anyway, this is just another entry in the guilty America sweepstakes.  Walk, bike, or step/stand at your desk to save your life and the planet.  I’m not buying it.  

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Bill Quick

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  1. I’d like to ride my bike more often, for pretty much the same reasons, but the weather often objects (presently we’re suffering through a bout of GlobAl Goreming, with today’s high a balmy 14 F). As an alternative, the Mrs. and I do yoga. Stretching, resistance training and aerobics, all within the confines of a 6′ by 3′ mat. Indoors.