Man, This Thing Is Beautiful!
Bill Quick

A Bicycle With a Flat Frame Is an Impractical Masterpiece

With its flowing metal frame, wooden handlebars and seat post, and proprietary headset, this bicycle puts form on a par with function. It might not be the most practical ride, but it’s certainly one of the most beautiful.

Boy, is it ever!  I’d have one in a heartbeat if it were available and I could afford it.  The writer calls it “impractical,” but I don’t see why.  It’s form factor – single speed, small handlebars – is identical to my everyday ride.

Scuse me.  I want to gaze at that picture again.


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Bill Quick

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Man, This Thing Is Beautiful! — 3 Comments

  1. Impractical as in the frame would be bending with each bump, the wheelbase would change, and probably the front/rear wheel alignment would suffer as well. There might be some merit in frame with spring, were it designed as such…

    OTOH, that would be a cheap frame to build, just not very strong.

  2. Actually, any mechanical engineer would look at the frame and say the same thing. The flat strip construction, no triangulation, in the direction of the force is not a good design, requiring a very heavy construction to make it work. There is a reason triangulated tube frame construction is what you see on every bike: simple, light, and strong.

    I’m not saying it is unrideable, just not a very good ride.