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Bill Quick

Huy Fong Foods to start making Sriracha in Texas? – latimes.com

Villalba, who has been in office for a little under a year, happens to be a Sriracha fan, but he’s looking to move the company for more than personal reasons. He notes in his letter that in Texas there are no personal or corporate state income taxes and a plentiful non-union labor pool. He also mentions that Forbes Magazine named Texas the best climate in the country to grow a business.

“The great state of Texas would welcome you and your employees with open arms if you would consider moving…” reads the letter. “…Texas could provide you with exactly what you need to continue to grow, build and maximize the opportunities of Huy Fong Foods.”  Here’s at least one hitch: Huy Fong has been buying peppers from the same Southern California farm for decades. The peppers arrive at the plant within hours of being harvested and are used quickly after that.

Villalba offered to have Texas dignitaries visit Huy Fong Foods to discuss the matter in greater detail.  Do you think Huy Fong Foods should move to Texas?

Hell, yes.  I think every productive operation in California should move to Texas.  Hell, I’d move to Texas if I could figure out a way to do it.  Let California Sink.  Everything that Kim du Toit ever said about Africa is just as true of California.

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Let California Sink — 2 Comments

  1. Texas? Hells YEAH!

    In this case, I’m mostly concerned about keeping the Sriracha flowing. Texas is perfect for that. Good business climate. No NIMBY worries; Texans near that factory would just see it as a sweet springtime breeze.

    But the most important thing? Keep the Sriracha flowing!

    Otherwise, what will cooks use for plate garnish?!?