If You’re Not Going to Fight To Win, Why Fight at All?
Bill Quick

Krauthammer on Gates’ revelations about Obama: ‘How can a commander-in-chief do that?’ | Fox News

“Obama doesn’t believe in the surge or in the war, or in his own actions,” Krauthammer said, “He doesn’t believe in [General] Petraeus, he hates [Afghan President] Karzai, he thinks the war isn’t his. How can a commander-in-chief do that?”

Krauthammer went on to say he assumed President Obama didn’t believe in the war, since the president never explained why the war or the surge in American troops in Afghanistan was important. 

However, Krauthammer said Gates’ confirmation of this is “an indictment of the president that rises above everything else he’s done in his presidency.”

No, it’s not.  Or, at least, nowhere other than the necon world Krauthammer occupies, where exporting “democracy” at the point of a gun to a bunch of unwashed savages is always the sovereign remedy for Muslim terrorists attacking us.

If we aren’t going to fight this “War on Terrorism” to win it, than I’d just as soon not waste any more American blood pretending that’s what we’re doing.  I stopped believing in the War on Terror under George W. Bush, long before Barack Obama began his run for the White House.

Obamacare is the worst thing Obama has done in his Presidency.  So far, at least.

Iraq and Afghanistan were the worst things George W. Bush did.

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