Shrieking Weenie Does Me an Inadvertent Good Turn
Bill Quick

New bullet expands itself into four connected parts to kill better

It may seem impossible at this point, but humans keep enhancing their ability to kill others using guns. Example: the new Advanced Ballistics Concepts’ new Mi-Bullet, a projectile that expands into four connected parts as soon as it’s fired. The mechanism—shown in the video—is very clever, making almost impossible to miss a target. According to KitUp:

Called the Mi-Bullet, the round acts somewhat like a multi-pellet buckshot, but the separate fragments of the round are connected and will expand to a pre-determined diameter after the bullet is fired. The Mi-Bullet expands to a diameter of 14 inches when fired from handguns and 24 inches from shotguns. [It] maintains its accuracy by utilizing an accelerated radial spread aided by the rifled barrel, officials say. The larger diameter makes it harder to miss, the company said.

The manufacturer claims they will ship three types: non-lethal, semi-lethal (???) and lethal.

This doofus Sploid writer, Jesus Diaz, is a well-know hysterical hoplophobe, but I’m glad he brought these to my attention, because I want some.

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Shrieking Weenie Does Me an Inadvertent Good Turn — 4 Comments

  1. I would think this would be good for the first round or 2, then on to the real stopping power…

    First round to make up for the adrenalin rush bad aim, slow down the bad guy, then you can finish the job.

    • Yah, it would help with bad aim, I guess, but the real reason to use these is to make big, ragged wounds rather than neat little holes.

      ISTR the bolo rounds sliced through some models of “bullet-proof” vest, as well.