Am I Haunted By Syria? No. Next Question?
Bill Quick

Haunted by Syria? | The Weekly Standard

. After all, this was an enemy regime, tied to Iran and Hezbollah and brutal in its repression of all dissent, and it had a good deal of American blood on its hands because it had facilitated the travel of jihadists to Iraq to kill Americans in the previous decade.

Ah. You mean just like Iran itself, against whom George Bush refused to make war when he had the troops already on the scene?

Look. I don’t mind making war against the regimes that sponsor Muslim terrorism against us. In fact, I highly recommend it as the only strategy likely to bring us what we want, which is an end to Muslim terror attacks against us and our allies.

But if we aren’t going to make actual war on our enemies, but instead go haring off on lunatic schemes to bring “democracy” to people who loathe the idea, or have no idea what it really means, well, no. Just say no, in fact.

I no more trust Obama to make war against our enemies that I trust George Bush to do so. Which means that the humanitarian distaters will just have to proceed. Which they will. Islam has been a humanitarian disaster for going on 1.5 millennia now.

Bill Quick

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