I’m Switching Web Browsers for the New Year
Bill Quick

I finally figured out how to get Google Chrome properly set up uskng all the add-ons I need, and with the layout most congenial to me.

So I’ve dumped Firefox, which has been getting slower, dumber, and much worse as a memory hog, for Chrome. I also like Chrome’s “Kill the tab playing music or videos” feature.

I keep hearing good things about the latest Internet Explorer, but I’m not ready to go there yet.  I dumped IEX for FF more than ten years ago, and when I dump something, it tends to stay dumped.

By, Firefox.

Bill Quick

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I’m Switching Web Browsers for the New Year — 2 Comments

  1. I made the Chrome switch a few years ago, tired of having to kill the FF process when I’d leave several tabs open for days at a time at work, and its memory footprint would just keep growing even if I’d closed all visible windows.

    My wife gave me a new laptop for Christmas and when I downloaded Chrome and started it up, all of my bookmarks and history from my old machine were already available.

    • Yes, I like that sync feature, too. Although I have to admit when I fired up Windows 8 on my new Asus T100 and signed into my Microsoft account, all my bookmarks, apps, and whatnots automagically appeared on my machine, to my pleasant surprise.

      Except for the fact that NSA is reading it all, cloud storage is a pretty cool thing.