Scott Chaffin, AKA The Fat Guy, Has Cancer and Needs Our Help – Give Your Hand to an OG Blogger Today
Bill Quick

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The bottom line is that I’m now scheduled for radiation treatment beginning January 13. I will be getting 30 treatments. Unlike my original radiation treatment, which was once a day / five days a week / six weeks, this one will be twice a day for three weeks. This doctor believes that the accelerated schedule causes fewer and less egregious side effects for the patients. My recollection of the radiation was that it was an absolute ball-buster. However, the major difference here, besides the accelerated schedule, is that I will not be getting chemotherapy once a week at the same time, so perhaps balls will be less busted??? One hopes, deeply and sincerely, that this is so.

I will be doing this in Old Swampy, four hours from my home. As I have said all along, I am truly blessed with not just family, but friends made over the years, and I will be staying at the home of a very long-time friend and her husband. They have a garage apartment completely separate from their main domicile where I can (and certainly will, if I don’t disremember) crash during this small ordeal. I’m grateful that it’s separate, since (again, if I don’t disremember), I will be an insomniac, nauseated quite regularly, coughing and hacking like, well, a man with lung cancer — in general, just an unpleasant human being to be around. And I don’t want to be around other, more human, human beings as I manage my way through that. It’s also 20-30 minutes from MDA, just a damn bonus if ever there was one, and I will hopefully be able to drive myself to most, if not all, of these irradiation treatments.

And now, the thing I hate doing but feel I must. I expect my expenses to go up over the next month. I’m asking very humbly, if you have the means and are so moved, to please hit my collection plate. I’m as aware as anyone else that times are tough out there. If you can’t donate, then I equally humbly ask for your prayers. Personally, I’m convinced that a veritable multitude of prayers, from all over the country, from all denominations, have done me a vast world of good. After all, I’m here, just finished a third Christmas since my initial diagnosis, when I was deeply unsure of even getting one more. I remain relatively healthy, for a guy with cancer, all things considered. I’m not anywhere near giving up the fight, not while I’ve got anything to fight with. I thank you in advance for donations, prayers, whatever you’re able to do…it means a lot to me.

Scott Chaffin, AKA The Fat Guy, is a friend of mine.

He’s also an OG Blogger who started up TFG Blog just three months after Daily Pundit rolled out. There aren’t that many of us still putting up the good stuff, and The Fucking Cancer Shit has played an ugly role in some of that.

Scott is a fighter, but no matter how tough and Texan you are, there comes a time when a little help from your friends can make all the difference in the world.

Scott’s been giving us the benefit of his wit, his good humor, his sharp and engaging point of view, and all the rest that comes with the sort of blogging package that keeps us coming back for well over a decade. Now it’s time for us to give back a little, if we can.

I did. I hope you will, too.

Here’s his tip-jar link:

February | 2002 | The Fat Guy

Cancer Treatment Fund

Please hit it.

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Scott Chaffin, AKA The Fat Guy, Has Cancer and Needs Our Help – Give Your Hand to an OG Blogger Today — 4 Comments

      • We like to call it Blogocare around here.

        Damn skippy. And I’ve certainly been a beneficiary of it of late. It really means a lot. And make sure that when you give, you leave some words of encouragement. I gotta tell you that folks hitting the tip jar for me was wonderful, but their words mean so much.

        Anyway, I looked in the ole change jar, and found I had some leftover Xmas gift money, so I sent some Scott’s way. Keep passing it on. You’ve been doing great things highlighting this, Bill. It means something.

  1. I chipped in for Scott and have also for Chef and will again as funds allow. This is better than a charitable donation to some organization because it goes directly to someone who needs it with no middleman.

    Best wishes to both for improving health.