Oh! Big phone! I’m Scaredzzzz! Hysteria!
Bill Quick

There’s Another Weird PadFone Coming Out For Some Reason

The KitKat-running PadFone X will be out later this year on AT&T—pricing, availability and detailed specs haven’t been divulged yet. But you can be sure this thing is still weird as hell by definition. It’s a five-inch phone that can also be a nine-inch tablet but is also neither strictly phone nor tablet. We have no explanation either.

I do. You write “reviews” like these becaue you’re an iPhone-sucking reverse size queen, you hysterical little fangirl.

Here’s the deal. Given that tens of millions have already bought big smartphones – and that this segment is the fastest growing one in the smartphone arena – then it is obvious that lots and lots of people want big phones. All this phony hysteria about phones larger that the iPhone is coming from the Apple fanbois community, the social-media equivalent of a dog pissing on a tree to mark its (hipster douchebag) territory.

Me like teeny-weenie iPhones, me cool. You like big, usable phablets, you uncool.

That’s how that works, folks. Just ignore these little screamers. They’re hapless corporate tools, useful idiots marching for their corporate master – and the rest of us, of course.

Bill Quick

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