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iOptik augmented reality contact lens prototype to be unveiled at CES

Embedded in the contact lens are micro-components that enable the user to focus on near-ey...

Embedded in the contact lens are micro-components that enable the user to focus on near-eye images

Though most of the attention surrounding the race to commercialize connected eyewear has focused on Google Glass, a lesser known player has been quietly toiling away. At CES this week, Washington-based company Innovega will be showcasing its first fully-functioning prototypes of iOptik, an augmented reality system which projects a heads-up display onto contact lenses.

We’ve been hearing about HUD contact lenses for a while now – these “iOptiks” were teased at last year’s CES, in fact – and they are where wearable computing interfaces will be going over the next decade or so.

By 2025 most technically-aware and proficient folks will use tech like this as a matter of course – wirelessly conected to amazingly powerful supercomputers in their pockets or on their wrists (or in amulets around their necks or the glasses-frames themselves, and will treat them as simply another set of senses and capabilities.

Yes, we’ll all become cyborgs.  Fine with me, I can’t wait.

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