The Real Meaning of Success For Obamacare
Bill Quick

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NATIONAL JOURNAL:Obamacare Can’t Fail … because the White House won’t stop watering down its definition of success.

Let’s be honest here:  The only definition of success that Obama and the Democrats care about is that they are able to keep this law on the books and avoid repeal.  That’s it.  Everything else can – and will – be sacrificed to that one single goal.


Because somewhere down the road the Dems will be able to revisit the law with a host of quiet amendments hidden away in other bills and reshape it more to their liking.  But if it’s repealed, they won’t be able to do that.  So job number one right now – in fact the only job – is to keep it on the books and prevent it from being repealed.

Nothing else matters to them now.  They will spend whatever it takes, change whatever it takes (temporarily, of course) and tell whatever lies are necessary to assure that one single, all-important outcome.

Remember: Simple majorities for repeal in the House and Senate, and a repeal-pledged President in the White House.  That’s the only way to stop them.  Keep it in mind.


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