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MSNBC: Maybe Syria Wasn’t a Great Success for Obama | Mediaite

The fighting in Iraq between the government, assorted tribes, and Al Qaeda-linked militants has exploded again in recent days, culminating in the fall of the city of Fallujah to Islamic fighters. This development prompted the capable NBC News reporter Richard Engel to admit that the collapse of the Iraqi government in Anbar province has as much to do with the raging battle in Syria spilling out over its borders as anything else.

“The civil war which the United States managed to stop for a little while has come back,” Engel reported definitively on Sunday. “And the reason it came back is because of Syria.”

“The fight in Syria spilled over into Iraq,” he continued. “It reignited the old embers of the civil war which were still there and have now caught into a wildfire because American troops are no longer there and are not going back there to help calm the situation down.”

This is self-serving bullshit being peddled by agents of the Obama administration.  It fits into an Obama narrative to the effect that he “tried to do something about Syria,” but that the evil isolationist Republicans prevented him from doing what was necessary.  Because racism.  Or something.

The eventual speedup of the Iraqi collapse became inevitable the day that Obama announced his intention to pull everybody out.  I knew this, or something like it, would eventually occur on the day that Obama said he’d pull out.  And it didn’t bother me then, nor does it bother me now.

Once GWB made the decision to leave both Saudi Arabia and the Mullahs of Tehran unmolested, he guaranteed not only the years-long fiasco in Iraq that destroyed his own presidency, but led to a candidate like Obama who had to distinguish himself from Bush’s failed efforts by flatly promising to pull out at the first opportunity..  He made the promise, he won (because America loathed GWB by then and, by transference, the entire GOP, including the doddering old maniac from Arizona they slaughtered on the Obama sacrificial altar), and he pulled out.

And, once again, that doesn’t bother me.  If we aren’t going to fight a real war against real enemies. but instead some sort of Potemkin democracy effort, why shed a single fresh drop of American blood.  Let them kill each other, since we obviously have no intention of doing the necessary killing ourselves.

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