This Will Put Useless San Francisco Hipsters Into Hysteria
Bill Quick

Young techies, know your place! | PandoDaily

So, let me get this straight…

You just graduated college last year, and you are already making an $80,000 salary, plus a stock option bonus? You are living by yourself in a killer Hayes Valley apartment? And you are still young enough to miraculously never experience hangovers?

You brat! You already piss me off.

Wait — you didn’t even graduate from college? You dropped out after two years, because you were making $110/hour on the weekends as a designer, and you realized that a Sociology degree from Ohio State was a less valuable use of your time?

What an obnoxious punk you are!

How dare you make an income based off an objective skillset that fulfills real world demand for your services! This is America. Where do you think you are?

This is ruffling all the right feathers. They’re already frothing at lefty tech outposts like Boing Boing.

Good job!

Bill Quick

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