I need a little help with my training regimen.

I seem unable to train my weapons to fire without some interaction on my part. Unlike the one in this article.

CPD sergeant agrees to 60-day suspension after his gun was used in woman’s shooting death

A City Hall attorney at a hearing on Friday listed one “red flag” after another in the conduct of Sgt. Steven Lesner, who met an intoxicated woman while on duty, bought her wine, then took her home, where she later died after being shot by Lesner’s weapon.

It would appear that the weapon had something against this woman.


I need a little help with my training regimen. — 3 Comments

  1. Was it a progressive pistol? To ease (and speed-up) reloading chores before Matches, I’d like to get a multi-station auto-indexing press, but I’m still not sure about the whole “Progressive” thing and might get a turret press instead…

    • get the progressive – the 450 Dillion if you are just doing pistol. If you are doing rifle and pistol, you got the choice of Lee, Dillion 550, or the Green Machine. Dillion’s been around the longest, has good customer service and the famous “no BS guarantee”.

  2. It was obviously a racist pistol. It forced itself into her left hand and then fired a bullet into her right temple. And with all those ‘red flags’ she must told it to stop several times. Racist pure and simple.

    Only in a police state could a cop get away with owning a racist pistol like that.