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Bottom line is that the image of absentee single father with empty pizza boxes strewn about and bimbos coming and going needs to be reversed. No one needs to be a phony, but image is everything – and the average single father is usually starting at a deficit. If you are doing good things as a father, people need to know about it. I am mostly introverted, but realized if I wanted my daughters to have a good home life with friends being allowed to come over – and stay over – that I had to get the underlying reality out there. I had to become a part-time extrovert.

My skin crawled as I read this.  The best way I can explain that is that this dad is trying hard to do everything right, and I salute him for that.

But this is much like instruction on how to survive living in a shark tank.  The instructions may be excellent, but you’re still living in a shark tank.

And the sharks are all feminists or feminized men who agree with them.

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  1. I had much the same thoughts on this. I’m heavily involved with my daughter’s life because I want to be. It would piss me off if a large number of people stopped letting their daughters come over if something were to happen to my wife, but I’ll guarantee you that it would happen.