I Scream for Caffeine
Bill Quick

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This is one device that really satisfies all needs. I can make various cups of coffee (or tea, or cocoa although I can’t have the sugar) during the day without being stuck with the one-and-only decision of the day when making the first pot. It’s geeky enough to be fun to use, at least for now. And when I begin to fret about the higher unit costs of the K-cups, the My Cup filter (which sounds a little like an athletic supporter, really) allows me to have enough old-school intervention to live with it.

I know a lot of folks like these things, but they still strike me as expensive yuppie contrivances.  If you can afford to pay four or five times as much per cup of java, fine.  I still buy mine at Costco and brew it a pot at a time.  Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

If you like these contraptions, now’s the time to get some pretty good after-holiday sale pricing:

Save 25% On Single-Serve Coffee Brewers

And if you want to stick with old-school brew:

Save 25% On All Standard Coffee Makers

Drink up, wake up!

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