Dr. Oz Joins the Low-Carb Bandwagon
Bill Quick

Surprise! Saturated fat is good for you, say cardiologists – National Celebrity Fitness and Health | Examiner.com

Dr. Mehmet Oz, a cardiac surgeon, recently raised eyebrows after conceding that a high-fat, low-carb diet can prevent and even reverse Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ADHD. Dr. Oz is a vegetarian who has long advocated a low-fat, high-carb diet featuring lots of whole-grain wheat.

This is nothing the people who’ve been paying attention to the actual medical science haven’t known for decades (I first went low-carb back in 1971), but I saw Dr. Oz on TV just a few days ago, where he entertained a fellow cardiologist who told him flat out that he was wrong about his vegetarian, low-fat, whole grain recommendations, and that butter, lard, coconut oil, meat, fish, and only vegetables that grow above the ground, and some fruits, (in moderation) were really healthy for most people.

That’s the diet I’ve lived on for years.

And Dr. Oz was agreeing with his fellow doc, and added, “I’m a heart surgeon, and I have to tell you, the cardiology community is coming around to this way of thinking.”

What really slammed me between the eyes on this was my recollection of a show Oz had about a year ago, in which he had Gary Taubes on as a guest.  He excoriated Taubes for his high-fat, low-carb recommendations, and in one memorable bit of logically fallacious argumentation, said, “I’m a medical doctor and a heart surgeon, and I say that meat and saturated fat are unhealthy.  You’re not a doctor or a surgeon, so why should we pay any attention to you?”

Taubes, to his credit, merely smiled slightly and said, “Why?  Because the science says that I’m right, and you’re wrong.”

I’ll give Oz credit for this:  The science does say that the high-carb low-fat diet is potentially dangerous, and Oz finally did take a look at the science, and changed his tune 180%.

Now if we could just get the climate junk scientists to do likewise.

UPDATE:  Here’s what I had for dinner tonight:

A pork curry.  I’ve mentioned that I buy a whole trimmed pork loin at Cosco every couple of weeks.  If I’m lazy, I just break it down into boneless port chops.  If I’m ambitious, I cook part of it as a roast, part of it as chops, and maybe some cubed pork for curry or sliced thin to fry (in lard, of course, or butter) with eggs.  It’s the best high quality protein value around.

I took some of the cubed pork and seared it in a good dollop of coconut oil.  Then I used generous helpings of Indian curry, garlic, cumin, and onion powders to make a roux, which I thickened with heavy cream into a sauce.  I dumped the pork into that and let it simmer a bit, then turned it into a dish.

Apply spoon to mouth until satiated.

I added one of my new fave desserts:  Four ounces of green tea ice cream made with coconut milk, with a handful of Cosco brand (Kirkland) frozen mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries) and half an ounce of crumbled dark unsweetened Bakers chocolate on top.  Wash down with a glass of Shiraz, and I’m good to go.

This meal is high in protein and rich in delicious saturated fat of several different varieties, plus tons of phytonutrients.  And it tastes great.

You think I’m asking for a heart attack?  Want to compare cholesterol/lipid numbers?



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