Man, That’s Bad
Bill Quick

Margaret Thatcher is voted ‘best modern PM’ in poll | Weird | News | Daily Express

In it, MPs were invited to evaluate the success of each Prime Minister, with answers recorded on a 0-10 scale.

Mrs Thatcher, who led the country between 1979 and 1990 and died last April aged 87, gained an average of 7.4, just ahead of Mr Attlee’s 7.3. Labour’s Tony Blair came third with 6.8.

Clement Atlee and Tony Blair are two and three?

That right there should give you some idea of just how bad Britain’s post-WWII governance has been.

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Man, That’s Bad — 2 Comments

  1. Seriously? Thatcher beat Atlee by a tenth of a point?

    This is astounding to me, given how the British press has treated Thatcher over the years. All that snark and scorn, and she still comes out ahead of everyone else, if only by a whisker. The British elites have done everything they can to break down the memory of that uppity woman, and they just can’t seem to manage it.

    I would like to think it’s not too late for the British; that they’ll come to their senses finally, and start hanging the Lords and the Justices from the lampposts down by the Thames. That they rediscover their sense of liberty and rights, however flawed.

    Sadly, I’m not optimistic. They’ve become sheep being led to a halal butcher to be eventually hanged as mutton.

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