Lying About Obamacare – It’s What They Do!
Bill Quick

 Couple of days ago I posted the following:

Of Course They’re Lying About Obamacare. When Have They Ever Not? | Daily Pundit

We still don’t know exactly what metric they are using for “enrollments.”  Is it people who have correctly negotiated all the way through the web site, picked a plan, (that isn’t Medicaid) and paid for it?

Or is it anybody who just happened to click on the web site one day and then decided to do something more productive, like watch grass grow?

Now it looks as if it’s a lot closer to the second than the first:

No, 2.1 million haven’t enrolled in Obamacare plans |

Bataille said, “We are confident that those consumers have selected a plan and know what the next steps are for them in terms of securing coverage.”

Uh huh.  Keep it in mind: They will say, and do, whatever it takes to keep this abomination, Obamacare, on the books.  The only sure cure is majorities of Republicans (and/or Libertarians), in the House and Senate who have publicly pledged to repeal Obamacare outright, and the same in the White House.

Remember that as you vote over the next couple of years.

Update: Glenn notes:

If the numbers were good, they’d be telling us.

Oh, they’re telling us, all right.  Telling us lies, that is.


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