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    • No apologies needed, of course. Aside from the fact that I assume you have more of a life than I do (a safe assumption) and had something to do on New Year’s Eve, there’s no hurry. I don’t at the moment have the money to buy a new laptop or tablet. (I’ve mentioned my various travails in accumulating funds, and my family’s ability to deplete funds the moment they’re accumulated, or even before. Nevertheless, hope springs eternal and, just like Sisyphus, I’m saying This time for sure!)

  1. Steve, I dug out my copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking v11 and installed it. It then updated itself to 11.5, which I guess is half an interation behind the current v12.

    I’m still training it, but it seems to work fine. I can even dictate into Scrivener, although I’m not sure I have all the correction tools available to me. I’ll keep playing with it and report back later.

    • Excellent! From everything I’ve read about it, I really want a T100, but inability to run NaturallySpeaking would have been a deal breaker. OK, now all I have to do is disown all of my family and I’ll probably have the money in about two days.

      Thanks much.

        • Nah, not needed. I generally make pretty good money. The problem is that my family spends, on average, 100.0% of what pittance our munificent government leaves me.

          (That said, I sometimes tell my wife I’m going to trade her in on a mangy dog and will consider that a trade up. For some reason she gets all peeved when I say that. Sheesh. Women. Who can figure them?)

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