Another Neocon Opens His Cakehole: Hilarity Ensues
Bill Quick

Roger L. Simon » The Principal Enemy

But to do this our group must concentrate on the principal enemy and not upon each other. My inbox is filled with emails on both sides of the inter-right wars (the Tea Partiers and the so-called RINOs) excoriating each other. What unmitigated idiocy — as if Lindsey Graham or Ted Cruz was the principal enemy and not Hillary Clinton. It’s a war between those who favor cutting government by seventy percent versus those who favor cutting it by fifty or sixty, ignoring those who want to expand it by a hundred. Although not nearly as violent, it’s in some weird way reminiscent of the party rectification campaigns practiced by Stalinists back in the 1940s.

It’s really hard to take Roger Simon seriously when he unburdens himself of unmitigated horseshit like this.  So come on, Roger:  Tell us which RINOs favor cutting government by “fifty or sixty” percent.

Is it McCain?  How about Romney?  McConnell?  Boehner?  Chris Christy?  Mike Huckabee?  Jeb Bush?  The scamnesty candidates supported by the Bush Family (read my lips – there is a gang of cost-cutters, eh…)?   Karl Rove and the Chamber of Commerce Ruling Party?  Come on, let us in on the secret.

Let me tell you who the principal enemy of liberty-minded conservatives really is, Roger:  It’s the unprincipled, win-at-any-cost, go-along-to-get-along minions of the Ruling Party who gin up “principal enemies” to con us into selling out our own principals on the altar of their craze for power.

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