Gunning Up the Police State In Boston
Bill Quick

Incoming Boston mayor, police clash over AR-15 proposal | Fox News

Boston police are clashing with the city’s incoming mayor over a proposal to arm some officers with AR-15 rifles. 

Mayor-elect Martin Walsh came out against the plan over the weekend. The Boston Police Department had been pushing for a limited number of officers to carry the high-powered rifles, in light of recent mass shootings as well as the Boston Marathon bombing earlier this year. 

But after the incoming mayor initially stayed mum on the idea, a spokeswoman for Walsh said he’s not on board — not yet, anyway. 

“Mayor-elect Walsh is opposed to the AR-15 rifles,” spokeswoman Kathryn Norton told in an email. “Unless otherwise convinced by the Boston Police Department, he does not think they are necessary.” 

Boston has to be the last big city PD in America that isn’t gunned up with full-auto .223s and .556s. 

What do street cops need “military” weapons for, anyway?  They aren’t the military, no matter how much they (and many who seek to use them as such) might wish them to be.

BTW, the notion that Boston PD doesn’t have access to these powerful weapons is a lie.  Like all big cities, Boston fields SWAT teams, and all of those teams have this sort of equipment.  


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