Missing the Story of GLAAD in 2013
Bill Quick

PJ Media » The Most Underreported Domestic News Stories of 2013.

What happened to Phil Robertson was typical. GLAAD, the homosexual and “transgender” activist group, attacked him and called on the A&E network, which airs Duck Dynasty, to cancel the show. A&E promptly responded, suspending Robertson

What’s been “under-reported” in the Robertson-GLAAD faceoff is that the supposedly “all-powerful” GLAAD got its ass kicked – again.  Only in the hysterical fever dreams of bed-wetting socons is there an all-powerful gay anything.  Gays make up a tiny, tiny minority of Americans, and gays who are politically active from a progressive point of vew are a tiny minority of those.  Yet socon hucksters elevate them to monstrous stature, ginning up idiotic terror of them in the process, in order to raise money and mobilize their frightened troops.

Gays have never been able to win a voter’s referendum to institute gay marriage.  In fact, when they tried in what is considered their most powerful stronghold – California – the third-rate Mormon church came in from out of state and kicked their ass on their own home ground.

Gays are so weak that they’ve been unable to change the laws in 29 states so that they can’t be fired simply for being gay.

These are not the marks of a vast, powerful movement.

What they do represent is a segment that the progressive establishment – which is actually powerful – uses and manipulates for its own purposes, just as the socons do for their purposes.  On its own, you’d never hear a word about GLAAD.

A&E suspended Robertson, not at the behest of GLAAD, but because the powerful progressives who run the network decided he should be fired – for whatever reason.  (I’m still not convinced it wasn’t some sort of PR ploy).  But that reason was not the power of GLAAD.  Just as A&E decided to reinstate Robertson – once again, certainly not because GLAAD was so powerful.

I wish somebody would report all that, but they won’t.  Because both sides have too much invested in the charade of the “gay lobby’s” vast powers.

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