Breathless In Seattle
Bill Quick

New Injection Gives You 30 Minutes of Oxygen Without Breathing | Minds

A practical use for this doesn’t immediately spring to mind, but I suppose there must be one, or even several. Maybe I need more coffee.

Or oxygen.

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Breathless In Seattle — 3 Comments

  1. Use in surgery immediately popped to mind. (And I thought of it before it was mentioned on the video.) Likewise for accidents like if someone gets a lot of broken ribs. (And I thought of that one, too, before it was mentioned on the video, which means they were stealing my ideas.)

    Depending on the size of the injector and how long it takes to get it into the body, it might be good emergency equipment for scuba divers, submariners, and such. The video showed a simple syringe, but I’m guessing that was an artistic interpretation rather than reality. I’d want to see numbers before believing that 20cc of oxygen-impregnated fat could carry a person for half an hour. Either way, if it’s not too bulky and there’s a relatively fool-proof way for a layman to inject, it could keep people alive after underwater accidents, long enough to get to the surface.

    Fire rescue teams, maybe. I know the big air tanks weigh something like forty pounds and the bulk is often a problem.

    Porn. How can we forget porn? If the stuff works and doesn’t have bad side-effects, I can see everything from Deep Throat Ultimate to underwater mermaid fetish videos.

    And on that classy note, I think my speculatin’ has reached its climax.

  2. Ah, well -

    This would seem to perhaps be of some assistance to asthma sufferers, as it would relieve some of the stress they undergo during an attack, in being unable to breathe deeply enough without causing greater inflammation until medication (to relieve the inflammation) can take effect.

    Likewise, anyone having any form of COPD (emphysema, chronic bronchitis, etc.) would likely benefit from this, as it would make it possible for them to use lower dosages or slower-acting medication, thus avoiding some of the damaging side-effects of the treatments they use.

    Fire rescue teams, maybe.

    Or maybe make a self-administered version available for emergency usage by people caught in a building fire – it would make it possible for them to avoid breathing-in the smoke/fumes/etc., until they can get out of the place. In a serious fire in an occupied structure, far more people die from smoke inhalation than are burned to death or generally are otherwise killed.

    Maybe this could be used by someone who’s over-indulged the night (or day) before, in place of the pure-oxygen whiffs that will allegedly ease hangover effects?…

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