Obama Merely Bowed to the Inevitable that George Bush Created
Bill Quick

The President Who Lost Iraq « Commentary Magazine

Yet the Obama administration botched the negotiations and Mr. Obama simply fled Iraq, leaving that fledgling Arab democracy to the tender mercies of Iran and Islamists in the region. (Read this 2011 column by Charles Krauthammer to see how thoroughly the president has made a hash of things.)

George Bush was the President who lost Iraq by refusing to deal with the threat of Iran.  Sure, the surge bought him a bit of respite, but Iran was still there, and the Mullahs are accustomed to outwaiting and undermining American efforts. 

This guy talks about the rise (again) of al Qaeda, without mentioning that this is not an Iranian phenomenon, but a Saudi effort in opposition to Iran’s gradually-tightening stranglehold on the Iraqi government.

Remove Iran and Saudi Arabia from the Iraqi equation, and you have at least a shot of some sort of permanent peace.  Absent that, eventually Iran will control Iraq entirely – which has been its goal all along, ever since GWB made the unforgivable mistake of invading Iraq but ignoring Iran.  That battle was lost from the very beginning.

Which reminds me – I’ve been saying this sort of thing for a good while now.  Several years back, Bushbot Iraqi fans assured me that Mookie al Sadr, Iran’s cats-paw leader of the Iranian Party In Iraq, had been smashed and destroyed by Bush’s actions.

He’s the most powerful political figure in Iraq today.



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