Another Duck Dynasty Gaffe?
Bill Quick

‘Duck Dynasty’ Debacle Has TV Industry Abuzz As A&E Charts New Territory –

“It’s very difficult to keep these people in check then they get famous,” the exec noted, in A&E’s defense. Particularly when the star already has amassed a large pile of money making bird-calling devices for hunters, believes he has a religious calling, and isn’t afraid to lose his TV series. A&E is charting new territory, execs with whom we spoke acknowledged.  “You’ve got an immovable object who actually believes he has God on his side. He’s a multimillionaire who lives in a swamp!” one industry image specialist acknowledged. “I don’t’ think he gives a flying fuck whether or not [A&E] agrees with him. I don’t think there’s any fear in this guy.” Ditto the rest of the Robertson family, who quickly issued a statement suggesting they will not do the show without Phil.

In which we once again acknowledge the real meaning of the term gaffe, that is, a moment in which some authority figure inadvertently lets slip the real beliefs of his class, to wit:

“We’re not at all happy with these people unless they are shivering in terror of us.  Well and good if they are, but if not, trouble (for us) is on the horizon.

They want you on your knees, begging them for mercy.  Don’t forget it.

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